Donate broken pickleballs

Over the years, pickleball clubs across the country have been sending their broken pickleballs to Service Pickleball HQ. The reason they choose to donate their pickleballs to us is simple: we responsibly turn every single pickleball into recycled plastic lumber.

Yes, you heard that correctly - by sending your pickleballs to Service Pickleball, you're guaranteeing that they'll be put to good use. As we know, trying to recycle pickleballs through local recycling programs doesn't work and making crafts out of them isn't enough to solve the problem at scale.

Send your broken pickleball shipments to Service Pickleball HQ by addressing your packages to this address:

Service Pickleball
410 N 75th St
Lincoln, NE 68505

Once we get them, we'll crush and grind them with thousands more pickleballs for more efficient shipping. Then, we'll ship them all to our partner organization who turns them into recycled plastic lumber.

By donating your pickleballs to Service Pickleball, you are doing the world and your local community a favor. 🌎

How are you collecting pickleballs at your local courts?

Soon, we'll be releasing new Service Pickleball indoor/outdoor pickleball recycle bins. Be sure to join our email list in the section below to be the first to know when those are available.