Service Pickleball
is a brand new, grassroots effort with a goal of repurposing 100,000 pickleballs, keeping the plastic out of landfills. That will require the engagement and dedication of thousands of pickleball players for several years.

To encourage that many people to donate that many broken pickleballs, we need to get more pickleball recycling containers spread across the Midwest (and eventually, the country?). We're also considering spinning up a "ship your pickleballs to us and we'll pay shipping" program in the near future. Finally, we need to market it all to get the word out as much as possible.

All of these efforts will result in pickleballs being recycled and repurposed and will require money.

If you feel drawn to do so, please consider donating to Service Pickleball to help us fight this fight. We deeply appreciate all donations, whether $1 or $10,000 or anything in between.

If you donate any amount, we will happily spread the love and get you a shoutout on the Service Pickleball website and social media profiles! 


Much love,